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The Honeymoon Effect Meditation

The Honeymoon Effect - a state of high energy, great health, and bliss, and each day filled with joy and love.

For most the Honeymoon Effect is, unfortunately, short lived. Old negative and limiting programming in the subconscious mind takes care of that.

As a result many people life as singles longing for a loving relationship while others suffer in stressful ones, go through a bitter divorce etc.

This meditation has been created to effectively change such programs by repeatedly feeding the brain with desirable content while in a relaxed state.

This work has been inspired by my good friend Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. and his wonderful book The Honeymoon Effect.

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  • What you'll get: In this download you find: a Relaxation track with and without music (mp3s), a Meditation track with and without music (mp3s), plus a pdf file with cover art and information. Relaxation and Meditation together take about 30 minutes. Enjoy.


The Honeymoon Effect Meditation

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